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Our Approach

is guided by growth mindset research that shows students' abilities can grow and improve more than they even realize.

Our program is guided by research on a key educational concept called "Growth Mindset." Generally speaking, this means students who believe in their ability to improve see that improvement more readily than those students who think their abilities are "fixed." This research is based on scientifically proven methods developed by the Stanford University Education and Psychology departments, giving us tools to help kids progress and expand their capabilities. By encouraging students to set bold, ambitious goals, and helping them put a plan in place, we have seen incredible results.

So at Revolution Prep, we take a holistic approach to tutoring that goes beyond just grades and test scores. Each of our programs includes methods for lowering stress, getting into the test zone, and building a positive mindset.

Our program is based on four pillars of student success:

Revolution Prep has been a fantastic partner for us. Their flexible scheduling and experienced instruction has been great for our kids; we’ve had a large number of sign-ups both for the online group classes and for one-on-one tutors, and we’re reliably seeing scores increase through this instruction. We’ve appreciated Revolution’s responsiveness to our inquiries, and their flexibility with our needs – particularly their willingness to give scholarships to our students receiving financial aid – that has made a huge difference for kids who otherwise might not have been able to access high-quality instruction. We’re very glad to be working with the Revolution Prep team!